McMeow The Crime Kitty Great Songs Just Say No To Drugs And Crime
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"McMeow is sure to pull your students in with her brilliant vocal contrasts! The production is superb, but not too involved for young ears. I highly
recommend Sue Straw's creative endeavor to teach our elementary-aged listeners and future musicians the serious downfalls of drug abuse!"
-- Susan Wright Mogilka, Professor of Music, Academy of Contemporary Music, University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK

"These are wonderful tracks any modern kid will love. They’ll have so much fun listening to these, they probably won’t even realize they’re
getting a good message!"  -- Dave Walton, Film & TV Composer, Cape Girardeau MO

"All of our 3rd grade classes listened to the Crime Kitty songs today, and they loved them. They were moving to the music as soon as it started.
They wanted to know if they could get out of their chairs and dance. They started dancing and moving to the beat before the singing part even started!
They asked for more when we turned the music off, and they were still dancing and singing on the way to recess!"
-- Lynn Maxey, 3rd Grade Teacher, Oklahoma Union School, South Coffeyville, OK

"Sue Straw [Crime Kitty composer] hits the mark! This compilation of music and production expertise surpasses any goal set by a professional musician,
songwriter, and producer. This work is to the point, directed toward the betterment of our school children, and is a treasure not to be missed."
-- W.L.Phillips, PhD, Engineer, Writer, Producer, Detroit, MI

"These songs are great! My daughter used my bed as a stage and danced to all of them. As a former Daycare owner/operator I can see kids of many ages
enjoying and learning from these songs! Kids need stuff like this because they don't remain interested in the little kids stuff for very long, but these songs
don't sound like baby stuff!"  -- Tami Kalbrier, Parent, Business Owner, Nowata, OK

"My daughter and I listened to all the tracks. Our favorite was "Don't Touch Them". That would definitely be a hit if at my daughter's school. She also liked
the "Do The Kitty" dance. We thought the last one, "He Used To Be A Good Friend," was very sad, but definitely effective."
-- Lesha Presley, Parent, Kansas City, KS

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NOTE:  McMeow's CD includes some soundtracks so young people can sing these songs at talent shows, Red Ribbon events, and similar venues!    
      CLICK HERE for a pdf file of ALL the SONG LYRICS from McMeow's CD.  
     McMeow's ablum is dedicated to band director, Bill Heath.   CLICK HERE to read the pdf file.   
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