McMeow The Crime Kitty Great Songs Just Say No To Drugs And Crime
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McMeow The Crime Kitty Red Ribbon Week
"McMeow, The Crime Kitty" is a fun, female feline who has her own SHOW, her own original music, and even her own CD!    
McMeow sings, dances, and teaches young people to say NO to drugs, alcohol, and crime!
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McMeow has a great show for elementary students for Red Ribbon Week
      or for ANY TIME during the school year OR for summer!
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McMeow can adapt her show for other types of groups and venues, too!

"This was the BEST drug/alcohol program I have EVER had for my students. I HIGHLY recommend McMeow   The Crime Kitty for your students." -- Lori Moss, Counselor, Ketchum Elementary School, Ketchum, OK
McMeow The Crime Kitty Playing Guitar
She will be sending out FREE stuff from time to time - stuff like       original coloring sheets,worksheets, activity sheets, and puzzles,  and sometimes even poems, stories, or helpful internet links with good information and tips on how to stay safe!  * McMeow will   NEVER give out your name or personal information to ANYONE!
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