McMeow The Crime Kitty Great Songs Just Say No To Drugs And Crime
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Little Pink Star  If your school or other organization is interested in booking McMeow and her Crime Kitty show, or if you would like to receive a                                      downloadable brochure and other informational materials, please email McMeow at:
Little Pink Star OR  ...  you can email McMeow's creator/manager at:
Little Pink Star Once we hear from you, we can provide details regarding the price of the show, our show requirements, our riders, other details, and                  
answer any questions
you may have.
             NOTE:  Be sure to review all of McMeow's song lyrics that are generally performed during the Crime Kitty Show. Those lyrics can be found
             by clicking on the Music tab above.

FUNDING For McMeow And The Crime Kitty Show
Funding for McMeow's Crime Kitty Show may be available from many sources including:
  • Government Grants for Drug Education
  • State and Local Arts Councils
  • PTA and PTO Organizations
  • Fundraisers
  • Banks and Corporate Sponsors
  • Individual and Private Donations

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McMeow is centrally located in the middle of the U.S.A. in Langley, Oklahoma.
There is NO mileage charge within a 100 mile radius of Zip Code 74350.
But ... McMeow will travel ANYWHERE if her travel expenses are paid!  
McMeow likes to travel, see new places, and meet new people!

McMeow The Crime Kitty Langley Oklahoma

      McMeow Pink Stars