McMeow The Crime Kitty Great Songs Just Say No To Drugs And Crime
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Sue Straw And McMeow The Crime Kitty

"McMeow, The Crime Kitty" is the creation of singer/songwriter
and educator, Sue Straw.   Miss Straw received the Red Ribbon Celebration
"Governor's Educator of the Year" Award from the Oklahoma Federation of
Parents as well as the Federation's "School of the Year" Award for her work
with her original program, "McMeow, The Crime Kitty." 

Previously, Miss Straw won the same "Governor's Educator of the Year"
 Award for her original "Stamp Out Drugs" musical program.*

*  Sue's next album project is "Stamp Out Drugs."  The title song, "Stamp Out Drugs" is
     on McMeow's CD!

"McMeow, The Crime Kitty," her images, name, costume, logo, music, and all related materials are the sole property of  Sue Straw and are protected under US Copyright and Trademark Laws.  "McMeow, The Crime Kitty" and any of her related materials may not be used, published, or copied in any form without written permission from her creator.

To learn more about Sue's other music, visit her website at:

      McMeow Pink Stars